Pallab Pradhan, PhD


Research Scientist

Office: EBB 3107

Research Focus: In situ crosslinking hydrogel formulation carrying microparticles for immunotherapy of cancer
For an immunotherapeutic approach to be effective against cancer, several cascade of immunological events needs to be synchronized and controlled in an integrated fashion. These include, a) Recruitment of a large number of Antigen Presenting Cells (APCs) to the site of antigen delivery, b) Efficient delivery of the antigen to the migrated APCs, c) Strong activation of the APCs for antigen presentation and d) Effective immune-modulation that preferentially generates a strong Th1 and CTL response. My research goal is the development of an optimized in-situ cross linking microgel formulation for codelivery of DCs chemo-attractant and microparticles carrying IL10-siRNA and DNA antigen to enhance migration of DCs followed by delivery of nucleic acids to stimulate strong Th1 response in T cells and thus enhanced efficacy of immunotherapy against cancer may be achieved