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Book Editor:

  • Biomaterials as Stem Cell Niche, Editor: K. Roy Springer, Published Fall 2010. Part of the series: Studies in Mechanobiology, Tissue Engineering and Biomaterials, Series editor: Amit Gefen

Book Chapters:

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  • K. Fridley, K. Roy (2010), Stem Cells and Hematopoiesis, In Press, CRC Handbook in Biomedical Engineering, Edition: Stem Cell Bioengineering, Editor: David Schaffer, To be published in 2012.
  • Singh, A, K. Roy (2010), Synthetic Niches for Stem Cell Differentiation into T cells, Editor: K. Roy, Springer, Fall 2010.
  • Kim, M.H., K. Roy (2009), Ligand-Functionalized Biomaterial Surfaces: Controlled Regulation of Signaling Pathways to Direct Stem Cell Differentiation. In: Puleo, D.A., Bizios, R., eds. Biological Interactions on Material Surfaces, Springer. pp. 158-170.
  • Roy, K (Author), Gene Delivery with BioMEMS, In “Polymeric Gene Delivery Systems”, Ed: M. Amiji, CRC Press, September 2004.