Targeted Delivery of Immunomodulatory Therapeutics

One research focus of the lab is to deliver immunomodulatory therapeutics only to sites of interest, minimizing off-target effects. Delivery vehicles we study include nanoparticles and pathogen-mimicking, polymeric microcarriers. This research has implications in vaccine effectiveness, cancer therapy, and wound healing.

Development of Immune Cell Manufacturing Technologies

Cell-based therapies rely on the efficient production of high-quality cells. We are studying ways to scale up cell manufacturing, often taking inspiration from biological systems to design our synthetic bioreactors.

On-Chip Biomimetic Microenvironments

On-chip models of human physiology and disease could potentially allow us to answer questions about various biological processes and engineer solutions to problems facing human health. Currently, we study models of bone marrow, lungs, lymphatic vessels, and lymphoma.

High-Throughput Methods for Biomaterials Analysis

Studying cell behavior within 3D material niches is key to understanding cell biology in health and diseases, and for developing biomaterials for regenerative medicine applications.